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Elite Garage Door Repair is a trusted and reliable garage door service provider. You can trust us with your garage door spring repair and replacement. We carry 100 different garage door springs that can surely match any door type.

Additionally, our company provides high-quality steel garage door springs that can last for about 10,000 cycles. Our services also include the replacement of extension or torsion springs.

Our group of professional garage door maintenance specialists offers same-day services on all days of the week. We also provide a warranty for our labor and installed garage door parts. If you choose our company, rest assured that we’ll give you the best professional garage door repair service.

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Our Garage Door Spring Repair Best Practices

When operating a garage door, the spring offers the right amount of force through compressing and stretching. But, due to years of usage, your springs may suffer from wear and tear and could result in irreparable damages.

In this kind of scenario, you need a reliable garage door spring repair company. Luckily, we’re here to help you. Our garage door technicians are always available and ready to fix your spring problems.

If your garage door springs become broken, leave it to Elite Garage Door Repair. Our highly talented garage door maintenance specialists are always ready with our most advanced materials. You can save a lot of money from improper installation and expensive repairs if you choose our company. Also, our company implements best practices so that the risk of potential injuries will be reduced.

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Replacing Both Springs

The springs on the side work together to balance your garage door when lifting. So, if one of them breaks, you need to replace both of them to avoid operating your garage door unevenly or, worse, come off track.

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Using the Right Springs

Due to the high tension that could be experienced by your spring when carrying the garage door, the springs might break eventually. However, if you choose our company, you can get high-quality springs that can last up to 10,00 cycles.

garage door springs

Safety Inspection

Before we start the repair or replacement procedure, our team performs a safety inspection. We inspect first the other components of your garage door such as the rollers or your garage door opener to check if there is any problem.

Signs That Your Garage Door Spring May Need to Be Replaced

Garage door springs are the significant support of your garage door. That’s why it’s typical for them to break first compared to other components. You can check below the signs that your spring needs a garage door spring replacement.

garage door spring replacement

Slack Cables

Cables and springs are always working together to elevate your garage door. So, if one of the garage door cables becomes loose, it indicates that your springs are broken.

Broken Spring

If your springs split in half, you won’t be able to repair them by yourself. In this case, hire a garage door technician for a garage spring repair.

Defective Garage Door Movement

Suppose your garage door has been stuck in the middle when operating, it might indicate that you have a damaged or broken garage door springs.

Heavy Garage Door

If you observe that your garage door is too heavy when lifting it, it indicates that your springs are on the edge of breaking. In this case, consider calling a garage door expert for a safety inspection.

Types of garage door springs

Extension Spring

garage door extension spring

Extension springs are the most common type of spring that garage owners use for their garage doors. The extension springs balance the garage door when opening or closing for a smooth and even movement. They run down the sides of the garage door. Although this spring system is typically less expensive, it is more dangerous and requires a safety cable installed.

Torsion Spring

garage door torsion spring

Torsion springs are installed at the top of your garage door. If your garage door experiences less traffic, a single torsion spring is enough. However, if your garage door is heavier, it needs two torsion springs. The torsion spring system is usually more expensive, but is also more reliable and durable.

Understanding Your Garage Door Springs

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Extension vs Torsion Springs, Which is Better?

Compared with extension springs, torsion springs have more advantages. The tension springs are sturdier and can last long. Additionally, torsion springs have more control in your garage door, making it safer to use.

garage door springs

Replacing Extension Springs with Torsion Springs

If your springs system is too old and you think it needs a replacement. Call your trusted garage door maintenance specialist to immediately remove the extension springs and replace them with new torsion springs. Having torsion springs is more practical because it’s long-lasting and more durable than your old extension springs.

garage door springs

What Not to Do After Springs Break

To prevent getting injured, don’t try to repair your broken springs. Also, it’s risky if you’ll try to manually lift your garage door manually as it can crash down at any time. You can call our certified team for a garage door spring repair.

garage door springs

The Dangers of Replacing the Garage Door Springs Yourself

Please take note that trying to replace the garage door spring independently can lead to accidents and injuries. Kindly call our professional team of garage door technicians to replace your garage door springs safely to prevent unnecessary accidents. In this way, you can use your garage door again efficiently and correctly.

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