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At Elite Garage Door Repair, we believe that your time is valuable. That’s why we carry all sizes and diameters of garage door cables so that we can replace them the same day and save you time (and money) on further repairs. Our certified technicians have a wide variety of high-quality cables and can do the job quickly and efficiently. In addition to garage door cables, we also offer warranties on both labor and parts so that you can be confident in our work.

Garage door cables are key to ensuring your garage door opens smoothly. The mechanism they create allows for the safety and convenience of automatic garage doors. When they snap, though, garage door cables can cause binding, jamming or squeaking. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, it may be time for a replacement. If your garage door is starting to get stuck, it may be time to lubricate or replace your garage door cables. If the door is making strange noises and shaking, this could be a sign that the cables have snapped. Partner with the best team and let us take care of your garage door cable needs!

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Signs That You Need to Replace your Garage Door Cables

Oftentimes, we value a garage door part based on how often we see it working. This is true especially when it comes to the garage door panels, springs, and tracks. Yet, we forget to value a certain part that makes the whole garage door system balanced. A garage door cable is a door component that allows your garage door opener to move freely without delays. These cables transfer all forces directed on the garage door springs towards the door. There’s two types of garage door cables. One that counters the forces and one that helps in preventing accidents. Thus, keeping this part from any trouble is a great step to avoid function troubles. Scheduling regular maintenance and inspection is a great help.


Teaming up with a certified technician is the most ideal way of dealing with it. We offer high-quality garage door cable repair and services. Also, we have same-day services seven days a week. Thus, we have various designs and models to accommodate every cable. For other concerns and issues, we have labor and part warranties. Contact us today and we’ll have a certified technician come and repair your broken garage door cables so your garage door works smoothly again.

Over the years, cables help in balancing the garage door system. Failures in the cable’s function can cause damage to the whole system. Thus, keeping these cables from breaking is one thing to keep them working. Due to some reasons, garage door cables fail and cause issues. Here are some signs that can help us in deciding whether to replace it or not.

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Jammed or Snapped Cables

A jammed cable is a sign that the cables need a replacement. Overlooking this issue can be very dangerous. To avoid fall-out or snapping scenarios, it is best to replace defective cables before things get worse.

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Rust on the Metal Cables

Metal cables cannot escape from rust, wear and tear. Visual issues are signs that your cables need a little make-over. Moreover, dents and cracks are also indicators that the cables need an immediate response.

Replacing cables can be dangerous and handy. Seek professional help and never try to replace the cable yourself!

Old Cables

Over the years, the efficiency of the cables depreciates with time. Garage door cables will fail and may cause accidents. To avoid such situations, inspect the cables and decide whether to replace them or not. Of course, it is ideal to let an expert assess the situation.

What are the different types of garage door cables?

Before we jump into replacing your garage door cables, let’s walk through what you need to know about these wires. By understanding the basics of your garage door cables, it will be easier follow along with the replacement procedure.

Torsion Spring Cables

The majority of garage doors use torsion springs. Cables are responsible for winding up the springs and when they unwind, release energy stored inside them to raise the door. The wires from the torsion spring may be seen at the bottom corners of your garage door.

Extension Spring Cables

Extension springs are used in garages to open and close doors, similarly to how torsion springs work. The wires on extension springs will be attached to the side of the door. They are mostly used when there isn’t sufficient space above the garage door. Generally speaking, they aren’t as safe as torsion cables because if they break, the spring may become detached from the pulley system and cause destruction.

Other types of garage door cables

Lifting cable: The Lifting Cable is the one that typically cracks first since it experiences a lot of strain. It’s responsible for opening and closing the garage door by using the axle.

Emergency release cable: This garage door cable, the emergency release cable, permits homeowners to open and close the garage door without help from the spring device.

Safety Cable: An extension garage door spring contains an extension spring, a safety or retaining cable, and a locking mechanism. This device is designed as a backup in the event that the main garage door cable breaks, by keeping the garage door spring from sliding down.

Safety Cables

As mentioned above, cables have two types – one that handles the forces and the other a preventive measure. The existence of the safety cable can change how we value the cable itself.
Safety cables extend from the door frame to the extension springs. This cable assists the springs in holding forces and preventing them from snapping. Note that these cables are only applicable to extension spring system doors.
Also, it can help in avoiding fall-out issues whenever the spring breaks. As an owner, it is our job to keep ourselves informed on what type of spring system we have. Thus, we have to keep all garage door parts from failing.
Schedule regular maintenance and inspection. Lubricate motor parts and ensure that the doors are in their best condition. Then, we do not need to worry anymore. A simple tip: partner with the best garage door cable repair company and have a well-working cable after.
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